Monday, May 2, 2011

Body for Life - First Shopping Trip

This was a busy weekend for me, as you readers know. Saturday I went to the mall to use a Body Shop groupon I had, had a wedding to go to, and did the first grocery shopping trip that follows my Body for Life challenge. Sunday was the official start day of the challenge, and I started out my day with a 5K road race. Joshua was spending the weekend with his Grammy Kelley so I was also baby-free!

Anyways, back to the shopping trip. I couldn't buy everything I wanted for lack-a-moolah. But I managed to do pretty well, I think. Here are the main things that I got for meals and snacks: Protein powder, vanilla flavored. I ended up getting the Jillian Michaels brand powder because it was on sale, and was low-calorie, and gave me the most bang for my buck this time around. I stocked up on greek yogurt, Hannaford had Chobani on sale for $1/each. Score. I got lots of chicken and ground turkey, beans, veggies, fruit, some hummus, bagel thins (my new favorite.) And milk, bread, and cold cuts of course.

I also had to get some foods that Joshua will eat, so I got him some turkey hot dogs, and cheerios, among other things. But those are for him, not me. ;-)

I think I am going to have to stick to mostly frozen veggies and fruits, at least for now. They are cheaper, and the real stuff goes bad too fast since I am usually the only one who eats any of it.

So I think I did pretty well for the most part. there was much more that I wanted to get, but just couldn't this time around. 

Today so far, I've eaten Greek yogurt with granola, coffee, lots of water, and a whole wheat wrap with turkey, hummus, and veggies for lunch. I am going to need to get better at the planning the meals part, and remembering to eat more often in smaller amounts so I don't get so hungry and keep up my metabolism. Maybe I should set an alarm or something?

I also took my before pictures. Which I will NOT be posting. Not until I have decent "after" pictures to go with them anyways. :) 

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