Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Back in the saddle!

Or at least at the gym.

New training plan started tonight. My friend Regina and I have a new mindset about working out, and are ready to commit (for real this time) to a healthier lifestyle!

Why is getting in shape so hard, but falling out of shape so easy? It just doesn't seem fair! So... that said. I am putting this in writing right now, so A. I don't forget and B. I actually stick to what I said I was going to do! From now on, I am going to use this to log my workouts, list my mini and long-term goals, and just talk about how things are going. I am NOT going to post my before pictures though... at least not until there is something nice to compare them too :) So here is what we did at the gym today:

Warm up: 10 minute brisk walk on treadmill

Interval course:

5 minutes fast paced jog on treadmill
hopped off, did 20 mountain climbers each side
5 minutes on treadmill speed-walk pace with an incline of 2
off treadmill, 5 Burpees
5 minutes fast paced jog on treadmill
off treadmill, 10 pushups
5 minute cool-down walk
10 shoulder taps each side

Ab workout:

2 sets of 10 overhead medicine ball throws with partner (alternating)
2 sets of side-twist medicine ball throws with partner (alternating)

Cool down:

5 minutes on gazelle machine (whatever that one is called haha)

Weekly goals:

This week is a little funny since we are starting mid-week so we decided to aim for 3 workouts.
Today: Workout done! (go us!)
Thursday: Home workout, kickboxing and intervals
Saturday: AM gym workout

We've decided to set mini-goals for each week and be accountable to no just ourselves, but each other. As we get more into it we will likely add in a diet change goal along with an exercise/weight-loss goal too. This week, if we both do all of our workouts, We are buying each other something :) Regina wants a book... and I think I may want a gift card to somewhere, though i am not sure where just yet!

Another idea I had: A goal-prize wish list. We could each write down a list of things (within reason) we would like as a treat for reaching certain goals, like a mani-pedi, new outfit... etc. THEN when we reach a goal, we will be surprised with what we get instead of choosing!

That's all I have for tonight, it's way past my bedtime... will have to get used to the night time workouts since they are all I can do with Joshua and a full-time job! So I apologize if this is a bit disjointed and doesn't make sense to anyone!

Happy workouts!

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