Monday, April 25, 2011

Body for LIFE - Preparation

I am reviving this blog :)

It's been awhile since I posted here, because I started combining this and my other one for a bit. But, I have just signed up for a Body for Life challenge. I decided it was time to take a new step, and do something a little more structured, with more guidance. I'll tell you though, what I REALLY need, is a personal chef/nutritionist, and someone to follow me around and slap me on the wrist when I try to eat something I should not have.

I am hoping through this experience I will be able to finally beat my battle with junk food, and myself. I know it's all mental. Which is the worst part! It's all me! So I can't have someone else fix it for me, it has to come from me. I find it extra challenging now that I have a young son, and a husband too. Not only to I have to worry about myself, but them too. And more often than not their needs come before my own. I don't feel comfortable taking care of my needs and desires until everyone else's are met. But I also know I need to change that some too. I know that I need to feel happy, and healthy in order to be the best mom and wife I can. And right now, I'm not there. And they both deserve the best of me, right? Right! So that's where we are now.

In case you don't know what Body for Life is. you should check out their website here. What I REALLY want to do is sign up for Cathy Savage fitness. My trainer at the gym is a Savage sister (which is what they call themselves.) I have been to their Sunday Sessions (which is basically a butt-kicking boot camp type workout) And they really do become sisters! Everyone of those women is so motivated, and encouraging. you can't help but to want to better yourself with them. You can check out Nikki's blog here. Unfortunately for me, Cathy Savage is not free. And I am not in a position to pay for any little extras right now, so Body for Life it is! 

This week, I am prepping to begin my challenge. I set a start date for myself of May 1. I am currently in the process of purging my house of all of the foods on the "no" list. Or at least moving them to a separate cabinet from "my" foods. I can't totally ban the "bad" because of my family. Also Sunday is a "Free" day. So I am allowed to eat what I want on those days. I am, of course, going to try to stick to the diet for the most part, but I know from past experience, that for me, once I have something stuck in my head that I want, it's hard to get it out :) So I am going to be going with the everything in moderation rule of thumb on Sundays to keep my sweet tooth at bay, and cravings under control.

Right now I am looking for a protein powder to buy. I have used the designer whey brand protein before, and I like it. It is low calorie, and tastes decent, not too chalky. But there are so many out there! I haven't a clue what to buy! I also don't really even know where to begin comparing them. I guess a lot of this process is going to be educating myself about a lot of new and different things, and not being afraid to try something new. So if anyone has any tips for what type of protein powder to buy, do share!

Next, I am going to be attempting to make a meal plan for the first couple of weeks and doing a large grocery shopping trip. So feel free to share great recipes with me too! I'll post again with my meal plan and the results of my shopping trip. Wish me luck!!

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