Thursday, January 6, 2011

Zumba . . . a newbie's review

So I was brave last night and I tried out Zumba.

Note, I have never been a dancer, never taken a dance class in my life. Well, except for that week or so of adult beginner tap classes I took a few years back with Sarah and Heather. But that's different. And I retained none of that, so it doesn't count. And can I just say thank goodness Zumba is not like tap because I was even WORSE at that!

The good news about zumba, is it's fast paced, the class was full of people of all different zumba levels, and I was told the average person burns between 600 and 800 calories in the hour of class. So that's a plus!

For those of you who have not done zumba, or heard of zumba, it's a dance (Latin I think...?) based fitness/cardio class. I can't imagine many people haven't heard of it before. Lots of places are offering it now from gyms (where I took this one) to dance studios and more. There is even a zumba video game! Now, I like to think I am pretty athletic, so aerobically, I could keep up. Step wise, not so much for some parts. But the instructor was not really explaining, or showing us the moves before each little dance routine, so there were some parts where I was just lost, shaking, and hip-swiveling trying to figure out how everyone else was able to move that way. It was a wise decision to stay in the back of the room so when I was trying to figure out what I was supposed to be doing I wasn't messing anyone else up (I hope)

The class was broken down into a bunch of little fitness routines, maybe five minutes a piece I think. We would do one, then take a 30 second break, then go right into the next. Overall, I'd do it again, though I might wear a shirt that says "I'd rather be kickboxing."

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